The Conference of Ghanaian Presbyterian Churches in North America (CGPC) is a gathering of Ghanaian-inspired Presbyterian Churches and Fellowships that are chartered or recognized under the constitutions of the Presbyterian Church, USA (PCUSA) or  the Presbyterian Church, Canada (PCC). Recognizing our heritage and common challenges as immigrants, the Conference intends to enrich our Christian values and outreach in the USA and Canada as well as engage in feasible partnership mission and ecumenical activities in Ghana and beyond.  With Jesus Christ as our Head, the ideals of the Conference shall reflect the Reformed Theology in principle and in conformity with the constitutions of PCUSA and PCC.


The objectives of the conference are three-fold – Fellowship, Evangelism, and Mission, and are detailed out as follows:

  • To establish fraternity and fellowship among Ghanaian Presbyterian Churches and Fellowships in the USA and Canada.
  • To mobilize resources with the purpose of evangelizing and expanding the boundaries of the present number of Ghanaian Presbyterian Churches across the USA and Canada under the Presbyterian Church, USA and the Presbyterian Church of Canada respectively.
  • To co-ordinate and support retreats of Conference Ministries - Women, Men, Youth, Children, Music, Evangelism - and other gatherings that the Conference shall agree to implement.
  • To support member-churches in various local congregational activities.
  • To mobilize resources in support of mission work in Ghana.
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